Speaking with ArtWorks Director Tamara Harkavy

Tamara Harkavy is the CEO and Artistic Director of Cincinnati based ArtWorks, a job-training and employment program for local teens. She founded the company in 1996 in order to help and educate teens in the community. Over the years, with events like The Big Pig Gig in 2000 and 2012, and the public mural projects decorating the city, ArtWorks has made a large impact on the face of the Queen City.

We took a small group “field trip” to ArtWorks to speak with Tamara in person, and to understand running a non-profit. She gave us her entire story of how the company was founded, and how she has always been there to educate teens, and be a real problem-solver, utilizing art. Talking to her and getting an inside direct account with running, managing, and maintaing a successful business was fascinating, as well as learning some of things ArtWorks did, like traveling to Chicago and Philadelphia, in order to better reach children and solve problems in the community.

The main thing I think I learned and took away from meeting with Tamara Harkavy was that to be an artist, you really need to be able to think on your feet and be able to use your creativity to solve problems and get things done, be it for yourself, a client, or a community of people all relying on you. This is a good piece of advice I think I’ll hang on to.

For more information about this wonderful non-profit or to contact Tamara Harkavy visit the ArtWorks Website here.


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