Visiting Artist: Cedric Michael Cox

Cedric Michael Cox is a 1999 University of DAAP graduate who has been making a living in the art community as a visual artist with a medium of paint, graphite, charcoal and various other drawing utensils. Cedric spoke about becoming an artist and making it in the real world. Throughout College this has been the only formal talk informing me about selling art and becoming successful as a working artist. Cedric spoke in a friendly manor throwing in occasional jokes to keep the audience in his attention. This kept me involved the whole time learning every tip he was able to share.

The biggest thing that stuck out in my mind was when he said, “position yourself around successful people.” For some, this might seem like common sense, however it can be easily overlooked. Creating art and then hanging out with your buddies all day will not sell any art, (unless your buddies are successful working artists, musicians, business owners, etc). Becoming friends with successful people will put you in the right mindset to want to succeed and become the working artist you set out to be. 

Cedric obtained his first gallery showing by simply walking into the building and showing them his art. Walking in that door he had a 50/50 shot at winning them over. It is the fact that he showed up in person with knowledge and interest to show at this gallery that he was able to get his foot in the door. Clients and Gallery owners will not come to you, you have to go out there and jump into the water trying every outlet possible. At worst you can a decline and then you try again next year. Eventually someone will take interest in your art which will get that ‘foot’ leading to other possibilities. 

To find more information about Cedric Michael Cox and to view his personal portfolios you can view his WordPress site or his Facebook page. I encourage everyone to at least take two minutes from their day to view his beautiful paintings and drawings. 



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