Artist Interview: DJ Alejo


Today we had the opportunity to sit down with Alex Hinger a.k.a. DJ Alejo and talk to him about his start in the music career and plans for the future:

When did you first start producing? 

“I started playing music and being interested in art ever since I was a young kid. The first instrument I played was a viola in 4th grade which lead to an acoustic guitar in 5th. From there I primarily played stringed instruments including the bass guitar. It wasn’t until fall/winter of 2011 that I started producing electronic music with Alex Thocker (Athockalypse) under the name Kronik Dub Crew. Currently I am producing solo with collaboration from other producers” 

What is your favorite part of producing music?

“Being an artist my entire life, this is the newest outlet for me to express myself. When I played soccer for school I was a striker. This required fancy footwork and always being on top of the situation. I was also in the schools art program where I was excelling above other students. After high school ended, I needed a new outlet to let my artistic side be fully in use. Music production found its way into my life and was able to fill that void and once again bring out the flow of inspiration that art produces.” 

What inspires you?

“Emotions. When I’m in a really good mood, my ability just shines through and I am able to create upbeat tempos and melodies. On the other side, when I am angry or upset this still drives me to create music, however the style will be downbeat and slower in comparison. Every emotion can drive me in a different direction and can create really ‘weird’ music, but I enjoy weird music so that’s what I produce.” 

Where do you want to be?

“This is always a question I don’t like to answer. I don’t like to set restrictions for the future. Some people say you can rise above expectations but everything’s still a learning process at this stage. Everyday is something new so I need to focus on whats happening now where I have control. Tomorrow I could be the biggest success touring the world or I could have no plays and be off the map. Its a gamble so I just keep moving forward and stay strong.”

What to do you need to get there? 

“Right now I need to continue releasing original music and mastering my skill. Practice makes perfect. I also need to keep in mind that the music industry is a business and I need to treat myself as its own business. This includes promotions, marketing, new artwork and always trying to get more shows. If I can keep this running like a well oiled machine then more people will start noticing my talent bringing in fans who will share the music and I can keep moving up. I can’t wait to see where all of this takes me.”

Make sure you check out DJ Alejo’s newest release ‘The Notorious EP’ out for free download now on his Band Camp site! (We also had the pleasure of designing the album artwork for this amazing tribute to a hip-hop icon.)notorious


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