Creative Influences


One of my personal creative influences which has informed and changed my work is video and installation artist Tony Oursler, of New York. His art covers a range of mediums working with video, sculpture, installation, performance and painting. He usually deals with fractured narrative, which is a major difference in my work however, as I personally am very interested in storytelling and the importance of narrative. My content tends to be the small storied which are often overlooked, and these stories are something I tend to value heavily.


For more information on Tony Oursler’s work, visit his website at


Another big influence on my work is the UK street artist Banksy. His work is known the world over for being well informed, politically motivated satire on world events or local politics. I have always admired his work for being so cleverly subversive while expertly executed, while still being illegal, unsanctioned work and remaining entirely anonymous. The fact that he gets so motivated to make these works, in the public, illegally is what is so impressive to me. His work differs from mine however, in that my work is definitely not on the street, and usually isn’t in the “low art” sector, or easily and sometimes overtly, presented to the masses. Another is that while I always attempt to have a clearly outlined and important commentary on one thing or another, very rarely is it politically motivated.

For more information on Banky visit his website at

– Dean


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